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At SDS, we are passionate about undertaking projects that are at large scale with complex level of scenarios. Currently, we are working on many different large scale architecture and infrastructure projects in KSA. These include Qiddiya Worker Village, Neom Pioneer Camp and Linde Office Building at DATV.

Qiddiya Workers Village

Qiddiya, Riyadh, KSA

Qiddiya City Project is a megaproject taking place in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. It is a planned entertainment and tourism megaproject that will hold wide range of activities all related to sports, leisure and entertainment. As the project continues with pace, plans to accommodate the workforce becomes extremely important which can help on long term and short term basis as well. One of the project that would help to accommodate the workforce is the Qiddiya Workers Village. SDS is working on the Qiddiya Workers Village in the areas of sustainability, LEED and management as well.

Qiddiya workers accommodation village is a an EPC project lead by Tammimi Contractor, PM is Parsons, and Design Consultant is Gulf Consult, KSA.

The objective of the project to comply with Energy, Environment and other Sustainability compliance and improve the overall workers living environment and also improve their lifestyle/productivity. The project has 66% open area and 33% Built-up area with Energy and Water Conservation of more than min. 15-25%.

Project Overview

Site Location and Details

Qiddiya is having a project to develop Workers Accommodation Village 1 and 2 consisting worker accommodation as Upper Plateau and Lower Plateau at Qiddiya, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The proposed site is located
in right figure 1 vicinity map and figure 2 and 3 plot (marked as red) locations. The Plot Area of village is having 480,000 sq. m. for workers accommodation and as well as amenities including proposed utilities and laydown/Site Offices area in one site location.

Qiddiya Workers Village is comprised of all support facilities of 10K workers and staff. The project is a Design Build facility for 10,000 Workers Village for upper plateau and 10,000 Workers Village for lower plateau in Qiddiya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The below images highlight the landscape and location of the site.

What we did.

Goals and Tasks Completed

  • The project included two sites, one on the lower plateau and one on the upper plateau.
  • SDS worked on the LEED study of the project in order for the project to receive LEED certified rating.
  • This was accomplished by working on the LEED matrix and overseeing LEED credits that could work on the village sits.
  • Energy model details were developed – Energy Modelling Simulation
  • Simulation Reports were also developed – this included the Annual Energy and Emissions Summary
  • SDS also worked on other sustainability areas which included water details and ESG study.