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At SDS, we are passionate about undertaking projects that are at large scale with complex level of scenarios. Currently, we are working on many different large scale architecture and infrastructure projects in KSA. These include Qiddiya Worker Village, Neom Pioneer Camp and Linde Office Building at DATV.

NEOM Pioneer Camp South

The Gulf of Aqaba, KSA

Project Overview

Site Location and Details

The contract is a Design and Build and 3 months operation with provision to extend to 1 year contract for the Extension of the existing Pioneer Camp, and separate Pioneer Camp Expansion G+1 office, located at the southern part of Magna.

Both the Pioneer Camp Expansion and office required to be developed are in the South construction Village and within the allocated LUP which will house staff of 40 people and additional 80 people for the workers that will serve the compound. The compound shall include facilities for sleeping, dinning, cooking and other required facilities as stipulated in the project scope of works. The facilities shall be designed to the specifications and standards of NEOM to ensure full compliance with all the requirements set by NEOM and the End User and to have a minimum life span of 10 years.

Key details of the site are explained as below:

  1. Existing Gulf of Aqaba (GoA) Southside offices
  2. Proposed New Pioneer Camp Expansion G+1 Office
  3. Existing Pioneer Camp
  4. Proposed New Pioneer Camp Expansion Site
  5. LUP Boundaries

What we did.

Goals and Tasks Completed

  • We provided LEED solutions through credits, sustainable strategies to be applied and solutions and ideas in the areas of water, energy and materials.
  • SDS presented solutions through the project development phases which included design phase, construction phase, operation phase and decomposing phase.
  • SDS worked on the LEED study of the project in order for the project to receive LEED certified rating.
  • Sustainable strategies that were provided were as follow : photovoltaics, smart-meters, smart appliances, battery provisions. All buildings shall comply with compliance path of ASHRAE 90.1, 90.2.

More sustainable strategies were explored and presented which can be discussed in detail.