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At SDS, we are passionate about undertaking projects that are at large scale with complex level of scenarios. Currently, we are working on many different large scale architecture and infrastructure projects in KSA. These include Qiddiya Worker Village, Neom Pioneer Camp and Linde Office Building at DATV.

Linde Office Building & Innovation Centre

Dharan Techno Valley, KSA

Welcome to the Linde Office Building and Innovation Center, a groundbreaking project situated in Dhahran Techno Valley, Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the transformative nature of Linde’s applications, the building’s fluid design symbolizes the seamless transitions inherent in the company’s operations. Incorporating innovative technologies like Building Integrated Vertical Photovoltaics (BIVPs) and sustainable practices, the Linde Office Building is poised to achieve LEED Silver certification, reflecting its dedication towards environmental stewardship. Sustainable Design Solutions, a leader in sustainable architecture, is proud to provide all sustainability-related services for this pioneering project.

This building’s concept is derived from the nature of matter and it’s different stages i.e; Solid, Liquid and gas, and how they are fluidly connected with each other.  Linde Office building incorporates the essence of what Linde believes at core, which is collaboration, creativity, and sustainability. 


Linde Office Building and
Innovation Centre

Project Overview

Site Location and Details

The site is located in Dharan Techno Valley, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dhahran Techno Valley represents a unique region for technology and innovation. It does so by connecting unparalleled research and innovation talent, R&D assets and activities, as well as shared grand challenges that are of importance to the Kingdom and the world. 

According to the client, the following details were discuss:

Total built up area divided on 2 floors; ground and first containing all project primary activities, taking in considerations all design criteria and space use requirements such as labs, office and work areas.

Building spaces are divided on 2 main groups according to function and requirements, which are; innovation center spaces and work spaces which include offices, workstation areas and meeting spaces.

What we did.

Goals and Tasks Completed

  • For the project, SDS completed LEED certification by providing all the details in the LEED credits. We explained which credits would be achievable based on the scenarios.
  • One of the requirement was to explore and provide innovative sustainable ideas which the client could implement in the project. SDS worked towards that by exploring and creating key innovative design solutions that could achieve sustainability while also providing creative methodology.
  • Key ideation were given towards the façade and interior sustainable solutions. The façade for the design was a dynamic as designed by the client, we wanted to provide innovation and sustainability behind the façade.