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At SDS, we hold expertise in the global level certifications and standards. Over the years, we have worked hard and we have made sure that SDS is empowered and up-to-the mark with the latest standards in the field of architecture, sustainability and management. We provide expertise based through the certifications and standards followed around the world.

OUR Expertise. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

At SDS, we provide LCA consultancy to our clients to enable them to deal with environmental impacts and also allowing them to play an important role sustainability efforts for their goals. Individuals, teams and companies in the domains of product and research development, supply change management and procurement, marketing and sales and as well as strategic management levels.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool that aims to measure and assess potential environmental impacts throughout a product’s life cycle. Rochester Institute of Technology state that “One of the most common methodologies for quantifying sustainability is life cycle assessment (LCA). An LCA is a systematic analysis of environmental impact over the course of the entire life cycle of a product, material, process, or other measurable activity”. The methodology of an LCA is defined in ISO 14040. The entire process of a product from the starting production stage to the final disposal stage is important to consider as many factors and variables are involved in the process.  These are variables are the materials, resources and locations involved in the complete built process of the product. LCA aims to assess the environmental impact of the product by taking in consideration all the steps involved from raw material initial stage through manufacture, distribution and usage to final disposal.