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At SDS, we hold expertise in the global level certifications and standards. Over the years, we have worked hard and we have made sure that SDS is empowered and up-to-the mark with the latest standards in the field of architecture, sustainability and management. We provide expertise based through the certifications and standards followed around the world.

OUR Expertise. Carbon Assessment

At SDS, we provide carbon footprint assessment by critically looking at the intended project and providing key solutions that can help the project succeed and achieve sustainability as well.  We utilize ISO, PAS or GHG standards to investigate and study the projects. 

In simple terms, Carbon Footprint is a measure of amount of greenhouse gasses released in the atmosphere due to human activities performed at large or small scale by individuals, communities and organizations. The aim of carbon footprint is to identify major source of emissions in supply chain and then provide necessary actions to reduce these emissions. Carbon Footprint Assessment plays an important role here as it measures the total set of greenhouses gases that are emitted at different stages of a product’s life cycle. The most recognized methodologies used for a carbon footprint assessment are based upon the ISO 14044 standard and the PAS 2050.